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WMIW Guest Post Rules:

We have several important guidelines that we want you to follow for your own sake, so you learn how to do guest posting properly. Other webmasters will expect the same quality before accepting your posts/links so you should practise and perfect here first.

Remember – any posts being submitted for WMIW MUST be related back to small business operators.

Please use the checklist provided below as a guide on what to provide with your guest post.


  • Must be an original, unique article related to one of the categories on the site in some way.
  • Keep it relevant to small business operators
  • Think about:
    • What will Google rank this for?
    • What will it look like to both Google and the readers, i.e. is it relevant to the site?
    • Does it make sense on a Women Making It Worksite? Hint: If you can’t figure out what category to put your article under, it probably doesn’t suit.

Please contact if you have any questions about this. We are here to help all members get an article published here.


In the article itself, keep the following in mind:

Grammar: check if the article reads well in English.
Headings: Use plenty of Subheadings e.g., Include H2 subheadings
Paragraphs: Use short simple paragraphs that are easy to read (rather than big blocks of text). Numbered lists e.g., Top 10 Tips… work well and are easy to read.
Formatting: Use some formatting including bullets or numbered points to help the readership
Images: Ideally attach copyright-free image/s with alt-image text clearly labelled (e.g., from Pixabay). Ideally, please also include these as separate Image files to avoid pixelation.
Conclusion: Make sure you or your writer includes a conclusion at the end of the article that quickly summarizes your main points – this is a great way to make sure your all-important big Keywords are repeated one last time at the very end of your article.


Please specify which Category your post fits:

  • Make Money Online
  • Digital Marketing
  • Home Internet Business
  • Start an Online Business
  • Website Design Tips
  • Home Business Ideas
  • Free Resources
  • Cyber Security
  • Home Office Tips
  • Marketing
  • Business Strategy and goal setting
  • Education & Courses
  • Productivity Tips
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal Development