About Ee Zen Cha


“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” Michael E. Porter

Business strategist, Michael Porter, explains it well … Your business success comes down to your next strategic move – and we believe that’s the REAVA method.

REAVA Solutions is the brainchild of business strategist and online business organisation extraordinaire, Ee Zen Cha.

With more than 15 years of business experience in industries spanning engineering, info tech, church ministry, manufacturing and hospitality, plus extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to business organisation. Ee Zen’s business success philosophy at REAVA Solutions is simple, the R-E-A-V-A method.

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About Mary Benton

CHAIR – Member since 2006

I am a chartered accountant (ICAEW and ICAANZ), a mortgage broker, and a financial planner.  I have worked in financial services for almost 40 years, from pure accounting roles with Grant Thornton and Pricewaterhouse, through senior finance roles in industry and local government, to specializing now in financial planning and mortgage broking with Plan4wealth.  It’s my passion to help real people have enough money to live a life they love.

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About Linda Clucas

Member since 2019

Hi, I’m Linda! I help women in their 40s and 50s get their energy and sexy bods back without doing any crazy dieting

I was always slim, active, and took pride in how I looked, but for some reason in my mid-forties, I found I couldn’t fit into my favourite clothes. Over time, I found myself becoming bigger, and so zapped of energy that my poor husband had to make me a huge pot of coffee just to get me out of bed in the mornings.

Being too tired to exercise was making me unhealthy and miserable, and I was really scared of turning into a fat blob, so I tried changing my diet, but I still needed that coffee hit. Then, much to my husband’s relief, I found a range of products that stopped me needing that daily caffeine fix, and now I feel fitter, healthier, and more energetic than I did in my thirties. Today I help women who were once like me!

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About Kara Norton-Jones

TREASURER and Member since 2020

My name is Kara and I have a passion for helping business owners in different ways. My aim is to show people how to gain back time by having me as their right hand person!

I completed of my BA in Business (Management) and Advance Diploma in Accounting.

Before Virtually-Anywhere OBM was formed, I worked in a wholesale business for 10 years, which imports goods for Bunnings.  Working apart of the finance team, my role covered payroll manager for 200 employees over three countries, accounts payable supervisor as well as month end reconciliations for Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets ready for the accountant to lodge returns in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.  

Before this I worked in a few different roles, such as a scheduler for a kitchen manufacturer supplying to domestic builders, working in prepress for signage business, visual merchandiser at a plant nursery and my first career was a chef!

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