Building Positive Business Relationships

May 2022 Networking Night – meeting in person
Wednesday May 18 @ 6:30pm – 9pm

Enjoy an evening of networking and connection at Women Making It Work’s May Networking event, an exciting event with our 2022 theme Engaging for Purposeful Impact.

Building positive business relationships to improve your business

Relationships are the foundation of every successful business. Mastering the habits and secrets to relationships that help you and your business grow is a worthy superpower.

During this very special panel discussion, learn from the stories, lessons and practical advice of our three guest experts about how to:
– Nurture network relationships that can provide leads,
– Gain support from mentors, connectors, coaches, advisors, colleagues.

Our guest experts are:

  • Ashely Hayden, Entrepreneurship Facilitator Business Australia
  • Pooja Kelkar, Founder and Director ReAline You
  • Kay Vrieze, Business Mentor – Relationship Development Send Out Cards


Be ready to ask them any question you’ve been wanting to find the answer to when it comes to forming prosperous relationships.


So please join us to network with friends and like-minded business leaders as we all Engage for Purposeful Impact.


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Connect with our guest speakers

Ashely Hayden, Entrepreneurship Facilitator Business Australia

Born in the early 70’s but growing up in the 80’s gave Ashley the taste for the best music a decade has ever created.

After working at a number of Melbourne advertising agencies in the early 90’s Ashley saw his fair share of leftover ponytails and higher purchase Lamborghinis.  He also saw bad businesses go broke, good clients left in the lurch and media plans that would make you blush.  One thing has remained constant in his career throughout this time, working with good people is often rare, you need to cherish it, pay your bills on time and if you get into trouble, communicate, talk, involve someone else, then keep communicating.

Whilst at a marketing agency in Melbourne he was flown to Cairns to work on a launch event and so an obsession with event and experiential marketing began.  With a strong belief that eye contact and talking to people is important in any transaction, Ashley has often been lauded for his straight forward, clear and professionally casual communication style.

Starting his first design business as a14 year old saw Ashley develop skills unable to be taught in schools.  A propensity for unusual business names, Ashley’s business “The Graphic Café” stills gets cold calls after a one-year listing in the Yellow Pages in 1998.  After stints in marketing at a variety of small and large corporate and family owned businesses, including Bunnings, and Stanley Black and Decker, Ashley began a full-time concentration on his marketing consultancy with Haydenarts, named after a strong influence from one of his lifelong creative inspirations, George Lucas of Star Wars fame.

Now concentrating on the power of storytelling in a marketing environment, he firmly believes that consumers want to know more than your ranking on Google.  A potential and existing customer wants to connect and know your brand, product or service in ways you may have difficulty in explaining.  Haydenarts helps its clients tell these stories in a multitude of ways, through the written word, images both moving and still, and every digital way you could imagine.

Ashley has a passion for communications, the written and spoken word and how to tell a story to produce results.  He’s available as a consultant, a business coach and mentor, board member, shoulder to cry on, wine taster and drinking partner.


An early education in design, led to a career in event management which then morphed into a marketing obsession that has lasted for over 35 years.  Studying 2 Masters degrees later in life made me treasure the importance of educating and arming yourself not only for your career and business but your mental well-being and fitness as well.


Friends, family and an awesome business network

Anything else you wish to share:  The old adage of not WHAT you know but WHO you know is something I now value more than anything in my business life.  Knowledge is power but real connections means growth, and not just for your business!

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Company:  Haydenarts Business Consulting



Pooja Kelkar

Pooja is a productivity habit coach who helps professionals and business owners better understand their own behaviours and those of their teams. This enables them to better understand the strengths and challenges allowing them to take better decisions and have better communication with those around them. They feel more empowered and in control of their life journey making them inspirational leaders.

Background: I come from a rich background in teaching, training, and coaching. I moved to Australia after I got married and worked in the corporate world. I learnt a lot during the time and got an understanding of how businesses are run and the value of networking. That is when I decided to go into business myself.

Achievements: I am proficient in 5 languages and have written a 25000-word thesis in French. I have also written a chapter in an Amazon no. 1 best seller.
Vision for the future: I would like to be known as the go to authority in the field of productivity and leadership

Vision for the future: Small business needs to be prioritised, in our thinking, our funding, our training and education and become a first choice career

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Company: ReAline You
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Kay Vrieze, Business Mentor

Kay has been a CEO in Adult Education for 30+ years running the largest Neighbourhood Learning Centre in Australia with 75 staff and a $3 million budget. She is a Williamson Fellow and a recipient of the Victorian Honour Roll of Woman in 2007. Kay has mentored many businesswomen, been on a variety of Governance Boards and has created a Memorial Trust Fund for disadvantage young people to return to education.

Kay has retired from work and works hard at retirement, but something always crops up and she is willing to continue her involvement in a volunteer capacity in many many things. She continues to have unbelievable networks which she uses to her full advantage.

Her focus today is her family and traveling in the caravan and overseas.

Her business Creating Card Magic is currently her GEM and business today.

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Company: Creating Card Magic 



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May 18 2022


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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