Editing / Making your Listing

  1. Listing Title
  2. Business Listing Description 
  3. Featured Image
    • This can be seen as the Cover Photo and Profile Photo of your business
  4. Image Gallery
    • You can add some pictures here that would be added to the “details” part of the listing.
  5. Publication Status
  6. Business Category
  7. Business Address
    • You can add your Business Address here and it will automatically be pinpointed on the map
  8. Business Address Map


  • You can either add the contact information you added on your Account Settings or input different contact information of your business.


  • You can add any Amenities/Tags related to your business.


  • If you have any videos to add, you’re free to add them to the Videos Section


  • If you want clients to reach out to your Social Media Profiles, be sure to add your social media profiles to the Social Profiles section


  • You can add business information in this area such as Business Type, Number of Employees, Main Products/Services, Main Markets and Booking Calendars


  • If you want your clients to know what time or your business is available, you can add your opening hours in this section


  • If you have awards you like to show, you can add your awards in this section and photos if needed.