Mary Benton

Membership Organizer of WMIW and Owner of PLAN4WEALTH PTY LTD

I am a chartered accountant (ICAEW and ICAANZ), a mortgage broker, and a financial planner.  I have worked in financial services for almost 40 years, from pure accounting roles with Grant Thornton and Pricewaterhouse, through senior finance roles in industry and local government, to specializing now in financial planning and mortgage broking with Plan4wealth.  It’s my passion to help real people have enough money to live a life they love.

I’m UK-born and bred, but have lived in Australia since 1988 and absolutely love it here!  I’m a mother of two and a grandmother of two – these are definitely the best years in a parent’s life 😊

When I’m not working on my passion, you can usually find me cooking up a storm or renovating a property, or just chilling beside an open fire with a cold wine.